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Foundations Health Solutions Leader Works With Hudson Nursing Assistant to Bring "A Culture of Care" 

Foundations Health Leaders Give Great Care
From L to R: Bob Speelman, Tiffany Burkhouse, Michael Thomas

November 08, 2018
Note: This story is from the blog of Bob Speelman, VP of Business Development and Culture at Foundations Health Solutions. Founded by nursing home developer Brian Colleran, Foundations Health Leaders work with nursing assistants each week to better learn the company's goal of being A Culture of Care. 

I spent the day at Heritage of Hudson, our 80-bed, skilled nursing facility in Hudson. Michael Thomas is the Administrator there and is doing a great job! I had an amazing time working with an inspiring STNA by the name of Tiffany Burkhouse. Tiffany has been at Heritage of Hudson for three and a half years and works on their rehabilitation unit. After working with Tiffany for a little while I was struck with how well-suited she is working with residents receiving rehabilitative care. You could tell her passion was to help her residents get better and go home. Now that sounds wonderful, but to really understand what that involves, you need to witness Tiffany in action!

Sometimes the residents say they don’t want to go to therapy or they think they can’t do something, but Tiffany has a gift of motivating, encouraging, and inspiring her residents to do what it takes to recover quickly and get back home.

Tiffany’s eyes lit up and she spoke passionately about each of her residents and the progress they had made. When we entered one resident’s room to get her ready for therapy, the resident was in some pain from her hip surgery, but with Tiffany’s encouragement and inspiration, we helped her get dressed and on her way. Once she was ready the resident looked at me and said, “She wants me to walk,” and she smiled.

We entered another residents room and her daughter was there. Tiffany was greeted like one of the family. The love and respect she had for her mother’s caregiver were immediately evident. Tiffany checked on the resident, spoke to her daughter for a little bit, and off we went to the next room.

One resident and his wife went on and on about Tiffany, saying, “She’s the best! She knows everyone and could take care of 50 people if she had to.”

Her respect did not end with the residents and family members. The therapy team went on and on about her. I witnessed her comradery with the housekeepers, dietary department, nurses, and management. Tiffany is a leader, a team player, and an incredible communicator. Her passion was her residents and their well-being, and she knew when the entire team worked together this was the result.

“Great Leaders don’t set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference.
It’s never about the role, always about the goal.”
- Jeremy Bravo

Tiffany – The difference you are making in the lives of your residents is incredible. You have a gift of love and motivation that encourages your residents to try when they don’t feel like trying. Your love and respect for your coworkers, in every department, motivates everyone to work together as a team to give the best care and service to the residents. You are a perfect example of “A Culture of Care.”

Bob Speelman, STNA

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